FPM Agromehanika, as one of the leading producers of agricultural mechanization in South East Europe, is constantly looking for a new staff, who wish to became part of our team and to contribute to development and growth of the company. We strongly appreciate ambicious people, team workers, motivated to achieve targets, and, to the contrary, we are offering proper awarding, possibility for carrier development, education and improvement.

If you are ready to work in a dynamic environment, You have a specific skills in field of mechanical engineering, trading, logistics, finance etc. as well as a strong working experience and enthusiasm, You can contribute to development and growth of FPM Agromehanika, please fulfill the employment form. All submitted forms will be examinated in detailed manner, and the most appropriated candidates will be included to the requests of vacant positions will be included in a selection process. After the evaluation of their professional competences, candidates will be informed about the status (approved, to stay in base for some other position or not approved).

Let Yourself - Strong in all fields!

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