FPM AGROMEHANIKA founded in 1961 as an automotive spare parts and tools producer. By the end of 60’s it was constructed a new production plant with cca 800m2 space, as well as a new Head Office building. Furthermore, during that time it was purchased the most modern production equipment for scraping, milling, grinding and constructed service & maintenance work shop as well. Thanks to that facts, It was started production of a new products, and furthermore, it was started with a production of a engine parts for the well-known companies like “FAMOS Sarajevo” Yugoslavia, and “RABA MAN”, Hungary.


Cooperation with “IMT FMM – Knjazevac”, Yugoslavia, in the field of 2 wheel tractor implements production, based on “AGRIA WERKE”, Western Germany license, concluded in 1974. During that time, FPM AGROMEHANIKA was completely transformed into the Agricultural machinery producer, and, following that direction, realized several serious investment programs: Constructed a new production hall with 3000m2 space, energy station, electricity station, employees restaurant, production lines for rod-shaped and front automatic lathes, installed group of machines for inner and outer gearing, eccentric machinery and hydraulic presses, equipment for tool production and equipment for thermal processing and painting line as well.

Company integrated into the Ex-Yugoslavia’s biggest agricultural machinery system - “IMT Belgrade” in 1979. Integration in such a big system like “IMT Belgrade”, has brought significant marketing and sales & service network expanding, and also, caused conquest of a different new products range. High demand for our products, during 80’s caused a new investments, expanding and modernization of our production capacities: Assembling plant with 1415m2 constructed, raw material preparation hall with 800m2 including closed warehouse with 720m2 constructed, self-propelled machines assembling plant with 840m2 constructed, planning, processing and managing of production process hall constructed as well as refurbishment of Head office building with 1088m2, production line for cutting mechanisms as well as it’s spare parts with capacity of 2 million units installed, special equipment for transmission housing processing purchased, first numerical lathes purchased as well as special tools for double-finger cutting bar processing, and, at finally, a new equipment for mechanical processing and special grinders purchased, as well as final control equipment.


Company disintegrated from “IMT Belgrade” system on December 31st, 1991, but has remained a member of the group. Inspite the fact, that due to the UN sanctions and neighboring countries civil war, 90’s was very difficult for business, FPM Agromehanika has continued to introduce a new products and further to modernize its production capacities.

Changes in overall market ambience, since 2000’s has been caused further expand of the markets and continual increasing of exports in total annual sales. As our answer to increased market demands, we introduced Quality system ISO 9001/2001 and established cooperation with renowned companies like KUHN, France, Breviglieri, Italia, with already traditional cooperation continuation with AGRIA WERKE, Germany.

Company was privatized in the 1st half of 2007. Since that time, it has been started a new phase of FPM Agromehanika development and modernization, like introduction of Quality Management System as per requirements of standard IATF 16949:2016, further increasing of export, complete product range demonstration at the World’s biggest Agricultural machinery fairs like Agritechnica Hannover, EIMA, Bologna, SIMA Paris etc.