Why we are existing?
To make you proud of your work and strong in all fields, providing you strong, reliable and efficient agricultural machinery.
During the implementation of all our activities, FPM always meets the needs and requirements of stakeholders. We always provide our customers with high quality products that has a value greater than those offered by competing organizations.

Where we are seeing us in a future ?
To be your first choice producer.
in relation to the efficiency, reliability, friendly handling usage as well as best maintenance.
We want to be 1st choice of worthy people. Due to almost 60 years of experience, we want to become a symbol of friendly usage machinery, reliability and efficiance in all fields. We are proud to the fact that nowadays, we are leading agricultural machinery producer in south east Europe while our strategic goal is to become one of the leading  agricultural machinery producers worldwide.
With the long-term business-technical cooperation with the Indian partner Sonalika, we seek to localize the production of certain models of two-axle tractors for the European market.
To take part in production programs for the needs of the automotive industry.
  • In accordance with the set quality goals, the management of FPM AGROMEHANIKA LTD achieves improvements in all work processes.
  • In its work, FPM AGROMEHANIKA LTD focuses on high quality products using modern equipment, new technical and technological achievements.
  • Based on the principles of cooperation, mutual trust and appreciation we include suppliers in our quality policy.
  • Our goal is to fully implement the quality management system and thus to satisfy the users of our products and constantly improve the level of their satisfaction.
  • Quality improvement is the task of all employees, and it is a constant obligation of the management to raise quality awareness through continuous education and training of all employees.
  • Developing and retaining our position and recognizable business image on the market.
  • Continuously identifying deficiencies in the work processes and operations and their elimination by the participation of all employees.
  • Providing maximum information and communication through the information system as well as through reports and documents generated from it.
  • All employees are involved in the realization of the quality policy and goals, with the primary role and responsibility of the management of FPM AGROMEHANIKA LTD.
  • Successful business will ensure constant improvement of employees' standards, improvement of working conditions and humanization of work.
  • Continuous cooperation with the local community and improving the living standards of the local population

All managers and other staff employed must comply with this quality policy and work to achieve the quality objectives that derive from it.
The management of the organization periodically and at least every three years, reviews and harmonises the quality policy with the interests of customers and other stakeholders.


We are determined to fully comply with the legislation related to harassment. Also, all employees are familiar with internal documents that clearly define the ethical code of conduct of employees that excludes discrimination on any issue, as well as anti-corruption principles.

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