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Two wheel tractors FPM 408

Two wheel tractors FPM 408

FPM 408 two-wheel tractors are universal machines with power outputs of 6 hp or 8 hp, designed both for use in agriculture (particularly in market gardening, greenhouses, fruit growing and viticulture), and for a variety of public utility works. Modern manufacturing technology and the robust structure of these machines ensure their durability and high reliability even under the most demanding operating conditions. This type of two-wheel tractor has a gearbox with seven speeds (5 + 2) with an optional differential lock. A large variety of implements can be mounted on them.


- All-round application due to a multitude of mounting options for various implements
- Proven and reliable German technology
- Steel gearbox housing
- Professional and durable machines designed for intensive operation

Key features:

 Mechanical brakes can be activated simultaneously for both wheels or separately for each of the wheels.

 “ENGINE-STOP” safety system: engine stops when lever is released.

 Differential lock lever.

     a) Height and side adjustable to six positions;
   b) Swivels 180° for front-mounted implements.

 Output shaft for PTO-driven implements, independent, up to 818 r/min

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Type FPM 408
Engine 6 LD 360-ANADOLU 186F - Campes 178F - Campes
Fuel Dizel
Power output (kW (hp) / r/min) 5,5 (7,5) / 3000 6,6 (9) / 3600 4,4 (6) / 3600
Manual engine starting yes
Electro engine starting no
Gear and speed ratio (km/h) ♦ for driving forward: I-1.18; II-2.43; III-3.06;IV-6.40; V-16.02
♦ for reverse: I-1.46; II-3.74
Differential yes (optional)
Wheels 5.00 x 10" 4.00 x 10"
Weight (kg) 170 170 155
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