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Fertilizer spreaders

Fertilizer spreaders

FERTI fertiliser spreaders fall in the category of mounted spreaders and are designed for distribution of dry granular, powdery and crystalline fertilizers, and lime. A spreading disc equipped with six spreading vanes ensures even distribution of inorganic fertilisers, while double regulation controls the desired application rate and allows right or left side dispersal only, or full-width dispersal.


- Spreading disc with six spreading vanes
- Metal hopper
- Robust holding frame

Key features:

 Three-point linkage for tractors Category 1 or 2.

 Linkage for trailer.

 Spreading guard.

 Double regulation of output volume, with fixed setting option.

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Type R-DJV 300/1 R-DJV 400/1 R-DJV 500/1
Volume (l) 300 400 500
Maximum load capacity 350 450 550
Spreading width (m) 6 - 12
Linkage in 3 points
Tractor category I,II
Tractor output shaft RPM (r/min) 540
Weight (kg) 54 58 59
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