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Hay tedders

Hay tedders

Hay tedders are primarily used for spreading and turning the mown grass mass. Evenly spread grass mass significantly accelerates drying. This reduces the losses caused by crushing, reduces the dependence on bad weather and improves the storage of nutrients in the mown grass.

This machine is constructed with swivel heads under which there are wheels that perfectly follow the configuration of the terrain and thus allow the spring elements to evenly and gently grip the grass mass and distribute it behind the machine. The rotating elements of the two adjacent rotors rotate in the opposite direction so that the two and two rotors catch the grass mass between them and scatter it behind the machine.


- evenly spreading the grass mass without crushing
- does not damage the substrate and the root of the plant
- the possibility of adjusting the angle of scattering and the height and direction of movement
- reliable operation with minimal maintenance

Main Charachteristics

Swivel attachment frame with terrain copying system and stabilizing shock absorbers with easy and quick attachment to all I and II category tractors

Wheels with the possibility of multi-stage height adjustment, as well as the desired angle of spreading the hay

Transmission with claw couplings, system without additional maintenance, additional protection against breakage
possibility of rotor operation in all positions from horizontal to vertical

Spring elements made of high quality spring wire with different lengths that give possibility of parallel work with the substrate and minimal damage to the grass.

Switching the machine from the transport to the working position and opposite is achieved with two cylinders of two-way action quickly and easily with command from the tractor cab

Securing the machine in the transport position is mechanical which is easily deactivated by pulling the rope from the tractor cab

The machine has safety frames for your safety

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Type RAS 400/4 RAS 600/6
Working width (m) 4 6
Number of gearboxes / Working fingers per gearbox 4/6 6/6
Minimum tractor power - kw(hp) 15/20 35/48
Tractor output shaft RPM (r/min) 540
Transport position (m) 3
Hydraulic system yes yes
Maximum work rate (ha/h) 4 6.2
Type of wheels 15x6.00-6
Weight (kg) 574 732
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