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Rotary rakes

Rotary rakes

Rotary rakes are designed for raking mowed mass and represent the latest design of machines for this purpose. This type of machine collects only cut grass without unwanted impurities such as dirt and rocks, delivering quality fodder. In addition, using this type of machines prevents tangling and flattening of the swath, making the process of balling much easier.

- Suitable for low powered tractors.
- It neither flattens nor tangles the swath
- Collects only cut grass without unwanted impurities (dirt, rocks, etc.)
- Low costs and simple maintenance

Key features:

 Working height adjustment:
     a) by adjusting wheel height;
   b) by adjusting gearbox height.


 Mechanism for ground contour adaptation.


 Collecting elements made of high-quality spring wire.

 Reliable and high-quality gearbox.


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Type RS 300/8;
RS 300/8+
RS 320/9;
RS 320/9+
RS 410/11+ RS 430/12+ RS 460/13+
Working width (m) 3,0 3,2 4,1 4,3 4,6
Number of rotors / no. of collecting elements / double collecting elements per holder 8/3 9/3 11/4 12/4 13/4
Collecting elements thickness (mm) 9
Linkage 3-point
Tractor category I,II II
Tractor minimum power output, kW (hp) 15(20) 15(20) 33(45) 33(45) 55(75)
Maximum tractor operating speed (km/h) 15
Maximum work rate (ha/h) 4,8 5 6,2 6,5 6,9
Working body dismantling yes
Swath laying 1 windrow: left in the direction of movement
Number/type of wheels 2/15x6.00-6, option 4/15x6.00-6 4/ 15x6.00-6 4/ 16x6.50-8
Width in transport position (m) 1,25 1,9 2.0 2.3
Weight (kg) 328/363 (with 4 wheels) 343/378 (with 4 wheels) 560 600 720
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