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Wheel hay rakes

Wheel hay rakes

Wheel hay rakes are designed for raking, spreading and turning mowed mass, which shortens drying time. Due to good ground contour adaptation, this type of wheel rake is suitable for every type of terrain, and is very reliable and easy to use due to simple and sturdy construction.

- Robust construction
- Possibility of raking hay in one, two or more windrows depending on quantity of mowed mass
- Low fuel consumption
- Low maintenance

Key features:

 Multiple application:
     a) Spreading;
   b) Turning;
   c) Raking.

 Hydraulic lifting system (FPM627.077 /078)

 Mechanism for ground contour adaptation

 Collecting wheel housing with high-quality bearings and automatic lubricator

 Collecting elements have specific shape and geometry and are made of high-quality spring wire

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Type SS 240/4 SS 300/5 DSS 500/8 DSS 520/9H DSS 800/13H
Working width (m) 2,4 3 5 5,2 8
Number of collecting wheels / no. of collecting elements per wheel 4/40 5/40 8/40 9/40 13/40
Collecting elements thickness (mm) 7
Linkage 3-point
Tractor category I,II
Tractor minimum power output, kW (hp) 18(24) 30(41)
Maximum tractor operating speed (km/h) 15
Maximum work rate (ha/h) 3,6 4,4 7,5 7,5 12
Collecting wheels lifting system manual hydraulic
Width in transport position (m) tractor width 3 3 3 3
Weight (kg) 175 240 450 470 570
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