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Mulchers for farming

Mulchers for farming

Mulchers for farming are a type of agricultural mulchers and are primarily designed for shredding of plant residue upon harvesting of field crops such as: maize, sunflowers, straw, sugar beet, rapeseed, rice, etc. Beside their basic purpose, mulchers can also be used for shredding of crop residue, for maintenance of all other agricultural, public, neglected or uncultivated areas. Due to electronically balanced rotor of high speed, blades precisely and efficiently shred plant residue transforming it into light humus fertiliser, improving the quality and fertility of the soil and decreasing the use of inorganic fertilisers. This directly reduces agricultural production costs and increases yields.

- All-round application
- Robust and massive structure
- Using universal Y blades it shredding crop residue up to 50 mm in diameter; using hammer blades it shredding crop residue up to 80 mm in diameter
- Low cost and easy maintenance

Key features:

 Working height adjustment:
     a) Wheels (standard) or roller (optional; standard only for FPM 618.999);
   b) Side sliders.

 Lateral transmission through toothed V-belts.
     a) Machines with working width of 4 m and 5.6 m have lateral transmission on both sides.

 Blade options:
     a) Universal Y blade (optional): for all types of crop residue, particularly maize, sunflower, sugar beet, cotton, grass, weeds, etc.
   b) Straight blade: wheat, rye, barley, rice, etc.;
   c) Hammer blade: for heavy-duty operation, such as woody and thicker crop residue.

 Adjustment of crop residue ejection angle through the deflector on the rear hood (spreading or raking).

 Counter blades enable better shredding of cover residue. One set (row) is part of standard equipment and there is an option for fitting one more set (it is recommended for straw etc.).

 Transmission from gearbox to lateral transmission(shaft in oil bath).

 Massive wheels and wheel spindles (4 m and 5.6 m long models).

 Three-point linkage for tractors Category 2 and 3 (4 m and 5,6 m long models).


Scroll table left or right
Type RM 160 RM 230 RM 280 RM 330 RM 400 RM 560
Working width (m) 1,6 2,3 2,8 3,3 4 5,6
Total width (m) 1,8 2,5 3,0 3,5 4,5 6,1
Tractor minimum power output, kW (hp) 30(40) 44(60) 51(70) 59(80) 81(110) 110(150)
Linkage 3-point
Tractor category II II/III
Tractor output shaft RPM (r/min) 540
Rotor RPM (r/min) 2230
Rotor diameter (mm) 194
Blade rotor diameter (mm) 605 605 (2 rotors)
Lateral transmission V-belts (one side, 4 pieces) V-belts (one side, 5 pieces) V-belts (both sides, 4 pieces per side) V-belts (both sides, 5 pieces per side)
Standard blade universal-Y
No. of knives Y 32 48 56 68 80 112
Optional blades straight blade, flail blade, hammer blade straight blade, hammer blade
Height adjustment roller and side sliders wheels (option: roller) and side sliders wheels (option: roller) and side sliders wheels and side sliders wheels and side sliders wheels and side sliders
Cutting height (cm) 2-10
Weight (kg) 700 755 840 980 1980 2680
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