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Offset mulchers

Offset mulchers

Offset mulchers, in addition to universal use in agriculture, are intended for mulching communal areas with a slope of + 90 ° / -65 °, especially watercourses, ditches, areas along roads and along lawns, orchards and pastures.

Quiet operation is enabled by an electronically balanced rotor with a hammer blades that allows extremely easy rotor operation. It also enables a smaller source of vibrations and minimal deformation, which prolongs the life of the mulcher.

The lighter version of the side mulcher (BM 160/180/200) is intended for work with lighter tractors at lower working speeds for mulching agricultural and communal areas with an inclination of + 90 ° / -65 °. It is used for chopping grass and bushes on neglected terrains and branches up to 5 cm thick.

PRO version of the offset mulcher (BM 180/200 PRO) is used in farming, fruit growing and for communal purposes. BM PRO series is used for chopping grass and bushes on neglected terrains and branches up to 5 cm thick. BM PRO series is designed for intensive works. The larger lateral displacement allows a built-in gearbox on the outside of the housing, which is secured with robust protection. The spring-loaded safety mechanism allows the side mulcher to move immediately in the event of an obstacle. This allows you to safely cross the obstacle.

Both versions allow us to work behind the tractor and next to the tractor, cleaning embankments and canals. They work at an angle of - 65 to + 90º. They have a solid construction made of high-hard and resistant sheet metal. The construction allows floating adaptation to uneven terrain. Quiet operation is enabled by an electronically balanced rotor.

We can use offset mulchers when mulching embankments in combination with UM models of mulchers intended for front attachment.

Main characteristics:

- Height adjustment by roller;
- Gearbox with one-way coupling, rear attachment (standard);
- Hydraulic displacement:
a) Horizontal displacement;
b) Vertical displacement (d - 65º to + 90º)
- Blade options:
a) Hammer-blade (standard) - for more difficult working conditions (branches, thicker weeds, grass, etc.);
b) Universal Y blade (optional) - for easier working conditions (grass, weeds, etc.).
- Lateral transmission via a set of special V-belts;
- Automatic spanning;
- Counter blades (standard);

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Type BM 160 BM 180 BM 200 BM 180 PRO BM 200 PRO
Working width (m) 1,6 1,8 2,0 1,8 2,0
Total width (m) 1,9 2,1 2,3 2,1 2,3
Minimum tractor power - kw(hp) 33(45) 35(50) 53(70) 35(50) 53(70)
Tractor category II, III
Tractor output shaft RPM (r/min) 540
Rotor diameter (mm) 159
Number of V-belts 3 4
No. of knives hammer blade 20 22 24 22 24
No. of knives Y 40 44 48 44 48
Cutting height (cm) 3-12
Side movement hydraulic
Weight (kg) 630 680 730 732 770
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