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Tractor snowplough is designed for removing snow from local and rural roads, farms, and other public and private areas.


- Multiple adjustment options
- Can be used both for moving forward and in reverse
- Robust structure
- Low maintenance

Key features:

 Metal blade or rubber edge.

 Snowplough mounting bracket:
     a) Horizontal angular adjustment of snowplough, and possibility 360 degree rotation;
   b) Vertical angular adjustment of snowplough.

 Mounting frame with the option of operating angle adjustment.

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Type FPM 628.088 FPM 628.087
Working width (m) 2 2,20
Tractor minimum power output, kW (hp) 28(37) 28(37)
Linkage in 3 points
Tractor category I,II I,II
Maximum operating speed (km/h) 2 2
Maximum snow height (cm) 80 80
Linkage position back
Snowplough position adjustment standard, to the left, to the right, 360° rotation
Weight (kg) 370 380
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