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In-row power harrow

In-row power harrow

BRD in-line power harrows are intended for work in orchards, primarily for cultivation between trees with a minimum distance of 50 cm. It can work in difficult conditions and hilly terrain thanks to the tilting of the working head. BRD removes grass from the ground and does not form a hard layer under the treated surface. The working part of the machine is a rotary harrow with 4 rotors, while there are two hoes on each of them. The working width of the BRD is 70 cm, and the displacement to the side is about 50 cm. The maximum depth of tillage is up to 15 cm.

- Advantages:

- Lateral movement with adjustable sensor rod and hydraulic system
- High quality hoes

- Main characteristics:

- The working depth is adjustable with a 2-wheel frame
- Movement of the machine in a side is realized by hydraulics system consisting of tank with filter, pump, distributor and cylinder
- Vertical working bodies enable better tillage

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Type BRD 70/4
Working width 65cm
Movement in a side 50cm
Rotor no. 4
No. of blades 8
Min tractor HP 30 - 50HP
Rotor RPM 350 r/m
PTO shaft RPM 540 r/m
Tractor category I
Hydraulic system pressure up to 180 bar
Pump is directly connected to PTO shaft YES
Oil reservoir 20L
Weight (kg) 410kg
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