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Power harrows

Power harrows

Power harrows are modern machines intended for cultivating various types of land. Power harrows finely cultivate the soil, clean it and distribute evenly over the entire working width to create the perfect seedbed: they are usually used for secondary tillage after plowing and can break even the most compacted furrows in one pass. The maximum processing depth of these models is up to 28 cm.

- Advantages:

- Vertical working bodies enable better tillage in relation to working bodies on a horizontal rotor because they do not create a compacted layer at the bottom of tillage;
- Robust gear transmission on hoe rotors;
- High quality hoes;
- Hydraulic linkage system for independent seed drill for processing in one pass (optional)

Main characteristics:

- Height adjustment with a roller bracket;
- Better ground following is achieved with movable connection points and with the roller.


- Leveling bar (option);


a) Packer roller (optional)
b) Cage roller (optional)

Hydrolift system (optional)

Key features:

Roller options:
  a) Cage roller
b) Coil roller
c) Crumbling roller
d) Packer roller
e) Spiked roller

Roller adjustment:
  a) With pins (standard)
b) Mechanical (option)
c) Hydraulical (option)

Reduction gear with a rear output shaft (standard, option for Mekfarmer 100/120)

Hydraulic linkage for seed drill (optional)

Levelling bar (standard, option for Mekfarmer 80)

Side sliders

  a) Ball bearings
b) Tapered roller bearings
c) System for super quick blade replacement without using tools.

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Type RD 160/8 RD 200/10 RD 250/12 RD 300/14
Working width (m) 1,6 2 2,5 3
Minimum tractor power - kw(hp) 30(41) 40(54) 51(70) 59(80)
Tractor category I and II II
Tractor output shaft RPM (r/min) 540
Rotor RPM (r/min) 320
Number of rotors 8 10 12 14
No. of blades 16 20 24 28
Maximum working depth (cm) 26
Weight (kg) 410 890 1080 1250
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