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Lightweight mulchers

Lightweight mulchers

The light universal mulcher is intended for versatile application on all agricultural areas, for the maintenance of green areas and neglected terrains. Light universal mulcher can be used for shredding individual harvest residues, for shredding pruning residues in orchards and vineyards and crushing branches up to 40 mm thick.
The construction of the mulcher is intended for work on smaller farms, around weekend houses, in parks. Possibility of attaching to smaller - compact tractors. Lightweight construction with easy maintenance and low maintenance costs.


- Suitable for small farms and cottages
- High quality treated surface
- Low costs and easy maintenance
- Safe for work and the possibility of use along roads and in parks

Main characteristics:

- 2 mounting positions of the connection frame
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Type LUM 110 LUM 130 LUM 150
Working width (m) 1,1 1,3 1,5
Total width (m) 1,3 1,5 1,7
Minimum tractor power - kw(hp) 11 (15) 15 (20) 18 (25)
Tractor category I, II
Tractor output shaft RPM (r/min) 540
Rotor diameter (mm) 114
Number of V-belts 2 3
No. of knives hammer blade 14 18 20
No. of knives Y 42 54 60
Cutting height (cm) 2-7
Weight (kg) 188 246 262
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